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At TEACH IT Media we are looking for three type of content providers...

Content Partners - are full site operators that have creative and editorial management responsibility. Content partners also have a leading role in the marketing of the site and content on all forms of social media. Production of original content i. e. video, podcast, blog post or any other relevant on a set schedule.


Content Providers - are producers or blogs/article, video, podcast or any other type of multimedia content that is broadcast live or on-demand on one of the TEACH IT Media channels/sites. Content Providers also have the responsibility to promote their content and site on social media. Providers are expected to produce content on a regular schedule.


Content Curators - are individuals that post content to a TEACH IT Media channel/site that is relevant to the theme. Curators are also responsible for posting their content within their personal social media circle. TEACH IT Media retains editorial control of all content.


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About TEACH IT Media

A TEACH IT Media our goal is to develop content that is extraordinary, mindful with an open perspective. We want to provide a conduit for creativity, which is thought provoking and rejuvenating to the spirit.

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